so what's ur all time fave RJA song?
Mine is Lonely Road :)

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Mine is definitely Grim Goodbye. :)

Mine has to be Angels Cry that song is amazing

not sure but i tattooed yga godspeed angels cry seventeen and maybe those. I have too be honest. 

Misery Loves Its Company

Your Guardian Angel

Cat & Mouse

In Fate's Hands

Angel In Disguise
Pen & Paper



...It's just so hard to pick one! 

AGH! So many good songs! Okay but here are my top 5:

1. Your Guardian Angel

2. Grim Goodbye

3. Misery Loves It's Company

4. Where Are The Heroes

5. Wake Me Up

cat and mouse was amazing when I saw you in Cardiff on Saturday and is definately my favourite song :)

My all-time favorite is Godspeed.  I've never figured out why, and I don't think I ever will.  But that's at least half the mystery of being in love with music - trying to figure out why knowing that every answer is both right and wrong.

Next is Dreams for sure.  I love the steampunk opening followed by the aggressive guitar riffs.  I also think it's the first time that you really dug into your lower vocal range.  It was a pleasant surprise.

I can't even answer this question, I can't pick a favorite. Way too many are tied for which I like most for me to give you a list xD

Pen & Paper

I love each and every RJA song so much but if I HAD to pick a favorite, it'd be between Your Guardian Angel or Pen & Paper. 

Cat and Mouse, Don't lose hope and Godspeed <3

Tbh, my favs are step right up, yga, and grim goodbye, not in that exact order for sure. I love all your songs though, and i can play several o em on mah geetar:)



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