Alright...well im kinda new to this but umm i wanted to be random and start a discussion =) So this is a game ok......A question will be asked, and then u have to reply to it, then ask a question of ur own...and then the next replyer answers ur question etc. etc. And if u want to repeat the question u were asked to get a diffrent view of sum1 else just repeat the question or say (repeat) ok =) I guess I will ask the first question....Who is your favorite RJA member?

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my favorite lyrics are

I'm not sick I'm not weird I'm simply in love
You must try to understand you were sent from above Say you hate me, well that's just fine, I will wait til the end of time


don't hang up on me cause I'm hung up on you don't tell me how to feel like you always do I know your right, I don't wanna fight is this how our story ends or a new chapter begins?

all of their lyrics are amazing!! Most of the songs I love and could listen to over and over again come from their demo cd......disconnected, twenty hour drive, eyes watering or some say armchair....most of these songs will probably be ones that we will never see on a "released" cd...except for disconnected(it is on the cd delux dvd album)
forgot my question....hmmmm......thinking

okay this one will kinda be like the brother, uncle, dad thing but we will do it with cars....I will list cars and you tell me which rja member is that car and why

old classic gto:
a volkswagon bug:
crown victoria on 26's jacked up:
a pinto:
the gravedigger:
Good question, Kara. Let me think...okay. Here's my take on it.

old classic gto: Duke. Classic-yes...but also one hell of a powerhouse. I could see him drag racing on the dirt roads in the Burg very easily.
a volkswagon bug: Joey. All you need is love...and a VW Bug.
crown victoria on 26's jacked up: Jon. He could handle this attention and the entourage that goes with it. lol
a pinto: Elias. Well, it's not that showy, it's hard to come by, and it could blow up at any second! HaHaHa
the gravedigger: Ronnie. Who else?! Enough said. (although I think he might fit in just as well to the GTO scene. I've heard

Question...If all of the guys were competing on Survivor---who would win and why?
omg thats a hardddd question...

I would say Ronnie....cause with survivor not only do u need strength but u need to have a good mind..and u need to be smart and stratigize ALOT...and I think Ronnie would be able to do that perfectly cuz hes really intelligent (not saying the other members arent)....=) cuz i think all of them would be the last 5 competing lmfao =)

ok....ummm which rja member would win Big Brother....and why?
umm, ive never watched it, but i think i know what its about.. well Ronnie probably.

Who was the best band that opened for RJA? [your opinion]
thats a tough one.
Kat Da Luna...just kidding(she's not a band)!

Um I have like I'm gonna pass.
But they are monty are i, new years day, hawthorne heights, or amber pacific.
Although I did like amaru.

Hmm favorite song that the band performs live?
(I think this was asked)
There is no better song performed live than Grim Goodbye. This comment that I left in a friends blog sums it up...

"Finishing that set each time with Grim Goodbye makes my spine tingle. No Lie! I could watch him do that each week like a religious going to church. He sings with such passion and then... pauses as if to look right into your very soul. He states those lyrics as if he's preaching right to you and then it comes to the part where he just holds his arms outstretched to let the fans/choir sing the 'whoa's. Not meaning to be sacreligious but its like Jesus on the cross waiting for you to come to him. Yeah...weird analysis but that is how I feel during that song. It touches my soul. I look around sometimes and see people leaving the show during this song and I am flabergasted. How could you? Do you have no heart? No feeling for any music?...I think to myself."

Question...If you could ask any member of the band to shopping with you, who would it be and why?
umm... to go shopping I would have to say joey. he would be great at picking out those lovely sock hats that he wears and I could help him pick out baby clothes!! ha ha.

okay i think i have to repeat my question from earlier cause i kinda f'd up the rotation on the questions so here it goes.........
ladies, if you were drowing in chocolate syrup....which band member would you want to lick it off and why?
wow.......xD thats an intresting have to say joey, cuz he seems like teh type of person that wuld save a person from any type of situation....but i wuld still have my clothes on when he licks it off and then id buy him a pizza for savin meh haha

(repeat of above question) =)
oh .. wow..
umm same answer as above....

fave venue for rja to play at?
Warp Tour...again =)

(repeat question)
jack rabbits =]

repeat question..









PR :

Booking :


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