I know the kids on myspace had negative feedback, and said the band was "selling out" and such. but they aren't the real fans anyways.
I personally think this song is awesome. Sure, it doesn't sound like every other Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song we've heard before, but that doesn't make it not good. Besides, nobody wants to make an album where 3 or 4 songs in, you already feel like you've heard the whole thing. It has a different sound that's pulled off extremely well. And just as important, we know they're the same band they've always been.
RJA has always called themselves a rock and roll band, and this song, is very rock and roll.
To listen to You Better Pray and then Pen and Paper is even more amazing. The fact that both sounds are going to be on one album is so cool. I can't wait to hear what else is going to be in the mix.

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i love it! even though it doesn't really sound like their other stuff, it's still interesting. awesome job, guys!
yes, them myspace biatches dun kno what they are talkin bout... you better pray is a good song, wait, scratch that...its an amazing song...

plus, they are suckers for screamo...they ask for the same thing! "please more screamo" A song doesnt need to be screamo for you to rock out to it.... so they should really embrace the whole change instead of putting it down... i bet they only knew rja cuz of face down or guardian angel, and i bet that they have been listening to them for so long that they think they know what rja sounds like...which is sad... seriously, they have to grow some balls and actually LISTEN to the song and not judging it when it starts playing...
I agree with everything that everyones said above me =]

i don't know how people think this is country and RJA doesn't need 'screamo' to make a song good. Their way above that
Plus thier saying RJA has changed.. BS! it sounds like them.. but a fresh version.. ya know?
People just want stereotypical junk.
Don't worry.. they've only shown us the tip of the iceberg

and thier just jealous they can't play the guitar like Duke and Elias
:) haha. you guys make me smile. dead on agreed. I love the "they're just jealous they can't play the guitar like Duke and Elias" haha. aint that the truth. lol.
I agree. Well, kind of. People saying that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have "sold out", are complete morons. By releasing a song like "You Better Pray", they've done the exact opposite. The first album was more of a "sell out" approach to music, but it was an amazing album in its own right. The reason I say "sell out approach" is not because I think they sold out (which obviously can't be the case for a first album anyway), but the fact that it was more stereotypical towards the current "emo" trend, with high vocals, screaming and the like.

Personally, I don't really like "You Better Pray". But I'm happy for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to try out different styles, or genres, as they'll have to do this to have any hopes of moving forward in the world of music. It's not a bad song at all, they've done a good job at that style of Rock and Roll, but that's just simply not my taste, which is why I'm not too fond of it. If anything, me not liking it much just proves how well they've done at creating a real Rock and Roll song.

I'm glad they provided us with a demo of "Pen and Paper" first, as this is more like what I was hoping for. This was a smart move, as it didn't throw off all the old fans right away. Letting us listen to "You Better Pray" first could've given the wrong impression and we'd think "oh no, the whole album is going to be like this...". But we know for a fact that it won't be, as we've heard Pen and Paper already. I do still hope that the rest of the album is similar to "Don't You Fake It", but you have to support a band moving forward, I'd like a similar sound, but still with a hint of evolution in their music. A direct switch over wouldn't be too good. Think of Brand New, they started with a generic Pop-Punk album. The second album still had a quite similar feel, but you could tell their style was changing to a more Alternative genre. Now they're onto their third album, and it's completely different to the first in every single way.

I still don't want The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to change completely, but having both styles on the same album will be more appealing and create a wider fan base. I'm still very much looking forward to the next album, as now I can expect a real mix of styles with completely different songs.
LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE and the PIRATE called P2 for she is cool
i say screw the negative crap. i like it. its good that a band can pull off both sounds. i mean isnt that was Panic at the disco did? (not that im comparing RJA's sound to P!ATD's) so why is everyone bitching? i still cannot wait for the album, and people who dont like it can shut up.
oh i forgot i love how it has a southern rock feel to it :D
you better pray! we have only shown you the tip of the iceburg! i can promise you it wont be long! is this good enough for you man!
Ha, right! you rock Duke. =]
right on duke! but dude, u spelled iceberg wrong...haha XD peace man!
lol Maybe Duke was talking to our subconcious and representing The 'Burg. Yay Middleburg!



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