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lol ok i had to reply to this.
i was watching the-n xD 3? years ago
at like 4 am with my best friend sarah.
and ronnie was talking about face down
and what it was about. we both loved it,
because we both went thru stuff like that
and ever since ive just kept up with them
well me and sarah both have :]

well ovbiously the first song was face down

oh my favorite song is ATROPHY :]]]
i listen to it everyday.
i love it so much because to me the song basicly means
get off your ass and do something with your life.
i also LOVE the new song and cant wait for the album
..well..i heard their song face down on our local video was amazed by impress by their i decided after 2 months i decided to downloaded it on my ipod..but the downloader suggest me on the song ''your guardian angel'' that time im familiar on the tittle but not the,i say that night too..after i go home..i heard the song your guardian angel in the tv...i was first impression on my song is funny(because of the part ronnie grab the light bulb and then sang)...the song stay on the charts for 4 months!!im impress so much...and then our local video station interview i watch it no matter what!! im amazed to them..and thats officially addicted to rja...thatz it...i remember the date that i was beginning to addicted to them and the month and year that i first heard them:

First heard them:September 2007(because our local music video station was always late for rja..hmmppp!!)
First begin to be an addict to rja:January 15 2008(thats the date that i watch the interview)

so the conclusion is i was amazed by them because of the popularity and the fame of rja in our country

My first song heard face down
my favorite song all(except for grim goodbye)

so thats my story how im became amazed by is long??
I was in a band with some friends, so we obviously talked about music a lot. We were doing a few covers by bands such as Brand New, and one of my friends brought up the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I'd never heard of them at the time, but he showed me the track "Face Down", we did a cover of the song and I still play it a lot now, and I've been hooked on them ever since.

I bought "Don't You Fake It" as soon as I could, and it's an amazing album. I'm not sure how long ago that was now, but I was still in college so it was definately well over a year ago, maybe two. I like pretty much every song on it, and I'm really looking forward to the next album.
OMG my story is pretty touching. Kinda. Lol.
Well, when I was in elementary school i went to a arts school. [But it was ghetto, go figure.]
So I was raised in rap. And although now I hate myself for it. I used to hate every kind of rock. I didn't like any other style but rap.

But then once my sister started Jr. High. She got into rock. Thank god she saved my life. She borrowed the RJA cd from her friend and I was like eww, you like rock. ANyway, somehow it ended up on my Eye-pod and it was on shuffle so it started playing one of there songs and I actually got kinda into it. Slowly I began liking rock.

Now a days I love rock and RJA they are the best. So that's how my sister became my Guardian Angel.
that was sweet and funny lol xD
well, to be honest, i have been a fan for a long time.
i dont remember when i started to like has been years!!!
my first song by them was......either...angels cry, or getting by...maybe ass shaker...which was renamed as "in fates hands"
i have loved this band for a long time, and i love the old music

if you want it i might be able to send it....
just tell me if you want it
i can upload it :)
For me, it was my friend from school. He let me borrow Don't you Fake It, so i ripped it onto my computer, and i freaking LOVED (love) IT. Atrophy is probably one of the best songs i've ever heard/will ever hear.
I kind of feel guilty that i didn't actually buy Don't you Fake It, but mleh, I'm buying the new album whenever it comes out.

I can't freaking wait till they get over hyaa. i wanna see them live SO BAD.
It was 2004 and my co-worker, Della, would play their EP while we were at work. She gave me a copy and the rest is history. lol So, I guess the first RJA song I listened to would have been Home Improvement since that was the first song on the EP. I still have that copy. (The first of many RJA cds to collect.) It was Home Improvement, 20 Hour Drive, Getting By, Kins and Carroll, Cat and Mouse, and Grim Goodbye.

My favorite song is Grim Goodbye. Is there even a need to give an explanation? Because it is RJA.
my friend stuck your guardian angel in my ears in november of 2006. RJA was the first band i got into that wasnt christian or country. i had lived a sheltered life before then.

my first concert was december 3rd 2006, but i didnt really give them my heart until febuary of 2006 when i saw them twice in a weekend and the rest is history. my life has had a major turnabout since then and i love it. they will now and forever have my heart and when i meet my future husband hes just gunna have to deal with it.

my favorite song is angels cry with home improvement comming in a close 2nd and my favorite off of DYFI changes too much. currently its cat and mouse









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